We are committed to teens being responsibly empowered, no matter their socio-economic status.


We believe that self-awareness empowers communication and communication transforms relationships.


We foster environments in which teens explore new futures through conversations and connections with others. 


We empower the transformation of relationships—one family at a time—to positively alter lives and communities for generations to come.

 How We Work

At Who2Be, we start with what’s important to you. 

  • First, teens and parents participate in our Workshops not just in their peer groups, but TOGETHER. This allows different generations to interact and get what’s important to each other.
  • Next, we facilitate the creation of innovative, fun and meaningful conversations. These conversations nurture new pathways to connection and fulfillment—no matter how insurmountable the challenges seem to be.
  • Finally, we examine what causes participants to lose focus and energy in their day-to-day lives and why it can be hard to communicate productively. It may surprise people to discover what has kept the "normal" in place in their families. Through participating in these conversations, a new sense of what is possible becomes available for all.

We believe that, in a world where the constant barage of media and virtual interaction plays a bigger and bigger role in our relationships, being connected to others is more important than ever.

Babs Maltenfort, Founder 

Babs is committed to enabling all people to work together for the common good, with no one left out. She believes this is best accomplished through empathetic communication, with a particular focus on family and learning. That has permeated her professional life and is what moved her to found Who2Be.

Her careers have included being a high school mathematics teacher, Executive Director of a computer training center and a corporate computer trainer at three Sears corporations, including corporate headquarters. As a retiree, she volunteered for 11 years at daycare centers in disadvantaged neighborhoods before founding Who2Be. A lifelong Chicagoan, she has also traveled extensively throughout the world.

Arjomand Rahimzadeh

Much of Arjomand’s professional career has been in the realm of technology and entrepreneurial business management, but he has also always been involved in growth and development. He co-founded and was CEO of a startup software company for more than 30 years.


For 25 years, he has led seminars, workshops and programs in the areas of performance, leadership, family and life in general. He has worked with people and cultures around the world, including Australia, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Arjomand is a founding Board Member of Who2Be and is primarily responsible for the design, development and delivery of its workshops. Now by focusing on families, he has the opportunity to share his experience of enormous fulfillment and joy being the father of three former teens.

Sara Rahimzadeh

Sara stands for inclusion and a world that works for everyone. Having participated in Landmark Worldwide programs since the age of 8, she brings a unique perspective to the Board’s ability to make relevant decisions.


She has taught 13-18-year-olds in the performing arts arena for more than seven years and enjoys bringing her talent and experience to provide young people with skills not only to perform and compete but to lead a fulfilling life. Born and raised outside Atlanta, her academic and transformational education and teaching pursuits have taken her across the country. 


Her passion for the arts and entertainment, nature and environmental concerns and the development of young people have led this solopreneur to find numerous ways to give back and empower her many communities. Being a member of the Who2Be Board of Directors provides an exciting new opportunity to advocate for our future.