What would better communication mean to you and your family?


Introducing a communication workshop series where teens and their parents explore, connect and create together.



Wouldn't it be great if it was easier to talk and connect openly with each other?

TEENS: Does your parent sometimes drive you crazy? Do you feel they don’t understand you or your world? Do you feel like they don’t listen to you?

PARENTS: Do you long for a stronger relationship with your teen? Do you wish you could talk and connect better with them? Do you worry about them?

Often when teens and their parents try to have conversations, they have a hard time actually hearing each other. Circumstances—things like job and financial stress, peer pressure, and a teen’s natural striving for independence—can make it tough, or seemingly impossible, to communicate. It’s often too easy to make each other “the bad guy”.

The Who2Be Workshop Series creates a safe, engaging environment where teens and their parents TOGETHER gain valuable insights about themselves and each other, and practice new ways of listening and communicating.

This innovative series consists of three two-hour online sessions with multiple families, held over a period of three weeks. In each workshop, every participant has the chance to express themselves, ask questions and be heard. Interactive discussions take place across the entire group as well as in smaller, more intimate breakout sessions where each individual is encouraged to participate.

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What You Can Expect from Participating in the Workshop Series

During the Who2Be Workshops, both teens and parents will... 
  • Identify and express what is really important to you. 
  • Explore whether or not the way you currently interact is creating the relationships you want.
  • Recognize the true impact of your behavior on others. 
  • Practice new ways of speaking and listening that align with what is important to you and your family partner.
  • Experience the feeling of being understood and connected rather than disconnected, frustrated or alone.
  • Explore ways to put what you have discovered into practice in your day-to-day life.
  • Create “being a family” in new and fulfilling ways.
  • Envision new possibilities for your future.

Workshop Introduction 

What is the Who2Be Workshop series?
Teen / Parent communication  

A teen and parent (or another adult who is important in that teen’s life), attend an online Introduction together. Here they complete a free online, statistically validated, personality assessment. They explore the introductory results and how those results impact their daily communication. Each family pair is introduced to a mentor who explores with them what is important to each of them. Should the family choose to register for the workshop series, the collaboration with their mentor continues throughout the series.

Workshop 1

Who Are You?
Impact of Personality on Communication

In the first workshop, we’ll explore additional results from your personality assessment.

You’ll start to recognize how your personality impacts how you express yourself, and how that expression impacts what people hear.

The self-awareness that is generated will impact your everyday communication and will influence how successful you are in achieving what you want in life.


Workshop 2

Who Are They?
Listening– the Foundation of Communication

We’ll explore the power of empathy. As you are listening, consider what might be the speaker’s intention. That intention may not be said in words.

We’ll practice listening—truly listening—based on what a speaker’s sometimes-unspoken intention might be. You’ll recognize that each person has a different, yet legitimate, point of view.

This life-altering discovery allows you to speak, listen and interact with others in a profound new way

Workshop 3

Who Are You Together?
Speaking and Listening – the Art of Communication

In the final workshop you’ll explore how your discoveries about listening impact your speaking.

You as the speaker will practice recognizing your intention and, with your intention in mind, practice speaking clearly. You will have opportunities to fine-tune your communication skills.

The workshop series gives you new-found awareness for communication opportunities with everyone—which you can practice throughout your life.

The Who2Be Workshop Series is...

an exploration, not a course. It is not intended to be therapy, counseling, conflict resolution or motivational/positive thinking. There are no teachers or students, no quizzes, tests or grading and nothing to memorize. these workshops are being held on Zoom.

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